Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence Sober Living Requirements


Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence Requirements( Sober Living )

1. Commitment to stay at least 6 months and work the 12 Steps. You must finish all 12 Steps. You may stay longer than 6 months at Sober Living

2. Complete abstinence from all mind & mood altering substances. This includes illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs (certain medical exceptions can be made), or any other substance used to alter your mind or mood. We do not accept residents that are taking Suboxone or Subutex since it is a sober living house. We screen for those as well. Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence is a sober living environment, and we drug test frequently. 

3. You must be willing to get a "sponsor", which is a person who will guide you through the 12 Steps of recovery. We expect everyone to have a sponsor within 1 week, and work with their sponsor on a weekly basis.

4. Complete willingness to follow all rules and directions. Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence( Halfway Houses in Georgia) is a structured living sober house that provides all residents with the opportunity to live life to the fullest, but learn to live with structure and accountability

5. You must either have a job, be actively seeking employment (this will be verified), be attending an outpatient program, or be participating in community service or volunteer work during the day.

6. We have a strict “No Fraternization” policy for a minimum of 60 days. This means no dating, hanging out, or spending time with members of the opposite sex. (Must also finish 5th step to go on dates)

7. Willingness to attend mandatory meetings. There are three mandatory meetings that are at specific times and days of the week. Additionally, you are required to attend a minimum of two additional 12 Step meetings of your choice. There may also be other mandatory meetings, retreats, and functions throughout the year

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