About Us

Sober Living Recovery Residence

What is Sober Living?

 Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residences is a sober living house that offers structure, safety, and accountability. We are a place of healing, hope and success that will allow you to live life without drugs or alcohol. We operate on the principles found in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We offer a sober living environment that focuses on unity, service and recovery. Recovery Residences are a great way to meet people with a common goal! Living in a sober living/halfway house is a great experience that leads to long term sobriety. 

Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence

What Does Stepping Stones Provide?

 Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence offers a safe, structured environment (also known as sober living house or halfway house) for men  who are recovering from the disease of addiction. Stepping Stones of Atlanta provides a supportive, drug-free environment in a community setting. Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence is 12 step based and offers a sober living environment. The 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are, in our opinion, is the only proven method of establishing long-term sobriety for people who suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism. By aligning Stepping Stone’s sober living program with the 12 Steps, we not only access the therapeutic value of the Steps, but also establish a support system for the clients that will continue long after they leave Stepping Stones. Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence believes that each client has value as a person, capable of self-determination and is therefore due respect, honesty and genuine caring.